Convenience Services

Overdraft Protection

Sometimes life catches you off-guard and you don’t have the money you need for an unexpected expense. SFPCU helps you avoid the embarrassment of an overdraft or the extra fees and potential damage to your credit score that accompany a returned check.

We encourage responsible money management, but we understand when surprises alter your plans. SFPCU is here to support you with various options.

Courtesy Advance

When you add Courtesy Advance to your SFPCU Checking Account, you can get coverage for your checks, ATM and debit card transactions up to your established limit.

Overdraft Protection Loan

This specialty loan offers coverage up to your established loan limit with a maximum of $2,000.

Savings Account

Use your SFPCU Savings Account to cover any overdrafts automatically.

If you have questions about SFPCU’s overdraft protection, please contact us today to discuss your best options with a Member Solution Specialist.