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Front and back of EMV debit card

New Debit Cards Are on the Way!

In order to provide our members with greater fraud protection, we have started the process of reissuing our debit cards with EMV microchips and a new design!

EMV chip cards offer stronger protection of cardholders' transaction data when used to make purchases at locations with chip-enabled terminals and ATMs. In addition to offering greater security, our new EMV cards will also look different from your previous card. 

What to expect from our new EMV debit cards:

  • You will be able to activate your card and set your PIN over the phone.
    By calling the 800 number listed on the sticker on your new card, you will be able to activate and set a PIN for your new card, but only if you are calling from the primary number we have listed for you on our system. To verify if we have your current primary phone number, click here.

    If you are calling the 800 number from a phone number other than the one we have in our system, you will be transferred to a live agent. You will be asked to verify your credentials and the agent will activate the card. This individual cannot set a PIN for you—however, if you wish to keep your existing PIN, no further action is needed. You can use your new card immediately.
  • Your card will have a new, simplified design.
    Our new EMV cards feature a clean, silver-toned design with MasterCard's new logo. Your name and the SFPCU logo will be on the front of the card in dark blue, with the card number and expiration date on the back.
  • Your name and card number will be flat, not embossed (raised).
    The information on your card will be printed flat, instead of with the raised lettering on your previous card.
  • You will have the same card number, but a new expiration date.
    Your card number will stay the same, but will have a new expiration date. Please plan accordingly if you use your debit card for any recurring payments.
  • Your card will feature an EMV chip.
    Most importantly, your new card will have an EMV chip in the upper left corner, beneath the SFPCU logo.

If your current (chipless) debit card is active, you are scheduled to receive an EMV chip card if you haven't already. However, if you have not activated your current debit card, you may request an EMV card by calling us at 800.222.1391.

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