Additional Services


Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction 

Direct Deposit & Net Check

If your place of employment offers this service, you may have a Net-Check Deposit, which automatically transmits your whole paycheck (less taxes and deductions) to your SFPCU Account. The Direct Deposit Program may be used for Social Security and other benefit pension checks.

Your funds are available at the ATM, on the morning your check is issued. And you can access your funds at the ATM, with your Share Draft Checking Account, or through MemberLink.

Checking Routing Number: 321076496

Payroll Deduction

Saves you time on every payday. You may have a portion of your paycheck sent automatically to your SFPCU Account for deposit into one or more of your accounts, as specified. The amount of the payroll deduction may be raised or lowered at any time. To sign up for Payroll Deduction, you may pick up the necessary forms at your payroll department, or call SFPCU and a Member Services Representative will assist you.