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Falcon Fraud

Protecting your SFPCU MasterCard® Debit Card and Visa® Credit Card

To ensure the security of your SFPCU MasterCard® Debit and Visa® Credit Card, SFPCU has launched Falcon Fraud Manager. Falcon Fraud detects fraud quickly and accurately, minimizing your risk and protecting against losses.

Each transaction that you complete with your Debit and Visa Card is assigned a score on a risk-based scale. If it is deemed to be a high-risk transaction, Falcon Fraud Manager will attempt to contact you to determine if it is a legitimate transaction. Depending on the severity of the score, Falcon may put a temporary block on your account if you cannot be reached, securing the card against fraudulent transactions.

Falcon Fraud Manager monitors both signature-based and PIN-based transactions 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

While you can rest assured that this system is the latest in fraud management protection, you should always make sure to contact SFPCU if any of the following occurs:

  • You suspect your card may have been compromised
  • Your contact information has changed (it is very important that you always keep both your contact information and emergency contact information current at SFPCU)
  • You are planning a vacation or know there will be unusual activity on your card

For more information about Falcon Fraud or to report any suspected fraud on your SFPCU MasterCard Debit or Visa Credit Card contact SFPCU at 800.222.1391.

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