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Direct Deposit Instructions for Employees of the City & County of San Francisco

The City & County of San Francisco recently annouced changes to the their payroll deduction process. To make the process more convenient for you, below are instructions on how to complete the new form to ensure that any funds being distributed to your accounts at SFPCU remain the same. 

To get started download the City & County's Direct Deposit Authorization form.

If you would like the deductions to remain the same as they are today please follow these step by step instructions: 

1.  In the “Fixed Amount Accounts” section (white area), complete the Financial Institution #2 area in the following way:

  • Financial Institution # 2 – SF Police Credit Union
  • Fixed Amount – The total amount that is currently being sent to SF Police Credit Union each pay period
  • New Direct Deposit Account Box – Check this box
  • Checking or Share Draft Account – if you would like to have your funds deposited to your checking account, please attach a voided check.
  • Savings Account Box – Check the box next to "Savings account" and provide your Member Number in the Account # box.
  • 9 digit Transit/ABA # – 321076496
  • "Account #" = your SF Police Credit Union Member Number Only.

2.  Once you have completed the form print, sign and submit to your payroll department.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 800.222.1341 or stop in at any of our branches.