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Important Update: Target Retailer Data Breach

In light of the recent data breach announced in December by Target, SFPCU has identified and is proactively reaching out to our members who may have been affected. SFPCU would like to reassure our members that we taking measures to mitigate potential fraud.

While the majority of information indicates that issuance of new cards is not mandatory SFPCU will be reissuing new credit and debit cards to members that were affected as an added security measure. You will not be charged a fee for your card replacement. SFPCU will replace the cards as a courtesy to our members.

In addition, please rest assured as an SFPCU member you are not responsible for any fraudulent charges. There is 0% liability for fraudulent charges on an SFPCU credit or debit card. 

Frequently asked questions: 

How long do I have to report fraud? Members have 60 days from their statement date where the fraud was noted to report the suspect activity to us.  As always, we encourage you to report any fraudulent activity to us as soon as possible. This will ensure that your account and available balances are safeguarded from additional fraudulent use.

Should I reset my PIN? According to available information as of 12/28/2013, there is indication that encrypted PIN information was compromised in the Target data breach. If you receive a reissue letter from us or know that you have shopped at Target during the time period specified, you can proactively change your PIN on your current card. Please visit one of our convenient SFPCU locations to reset it.

Should I cancel my card? Our fraud team is fully engaged in monitoring your cards around the clock. Unless fraud is detected on your SFPCU debit or credit card, there is no need to cancel your card. If we detect that your card has been jeopardized, we will notify you and reissue the card on your behalf.

Is my identity at risk? From what has been disclosed, that does not appear to be a major risk. Typically, in order for identity theft to occur, additional personal information would need to have been included in the at-risk data, such as Social Security, address and date of birth. It's always a good idea to take advantage of a free credit report, to ensure no errors have been made, and if risks do exist, that they are quickly detected. More information can be found here: Fraud Prevention

What you can do:

  • Watch for Suspicious Activity. If you suspect your account has been compromised contact us immediately to report any fraudulent use on your account.
  • Update Your Information. Verify your address and other current contact information you have on file at SFPCU to ensure notifications will be properly delivered to you.
  • Watch your mailbox. If your card information has been compromised SFPCU will send you a notification letter with additional information.

Questions? If you have any questions regarding the Target Data Breach, please feel free to contact us.

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