• Credit Cards Versus Debit Cards: Five Places to Choose Credit

    CC Purchases
    Apr 05, 2016
    While many people use credit and debit cards interchangeably depending on their current cash flow and whatever is most convenient at the time, being a bit strategic about when you decide to use a credit card versus a debit card can pay off in several important ways. A debit card is necessary in order to perform transactions at an ATM, and certain merchants will not accept credit cards or will offer you a small discount for paying with cash or a debit card because of the relatively high fees they must pay a credit issuer to process each credit card transaction. On the other hand, a credit card offers many advantages such as better consumer protections and often a more generous rewards program—and using one responsibly will enable you to build a good credit history that will benefit you for years to come. Here are some specific situations where it’s generally wiser to pay with your credit card rather than your debit card.