• How to Better Weather a Disaster: Tips for You and Your Family

    72 hour kit with water, lantern, radio and batteries
    Oct 23, 2017
    Virtually every area of the U.S. is prone to certain disasters, and those of us who live in the Bay Area need not be reminded of this given the recent wildfire destruction of October. Natural disasters and other emergencies often strike quickly and without warning, and this is no less true in Northern California, where in addition to fires, we face potential threats from earthquakes, mudslides, flooding, tsunamis and more. To be ready to cope with a catastrophe, it’s important to consider that emergency services will likely be unable to respond to every household’s needs in the immediate aftermath of the event and that essential services may not be immediately restored. Following are tips on how to prepare yourself and your family to cope on your own for the first 72 hours following a major disaster.