• Phone Scams to Watch for in 2018

    Phone scams
    Jan 12, 2018
    If you think you’ve been getting more calls from telemarketers in the past year or so, you’re not mistaken. The Federal Trade Commission received more than 7 million complaints about unwanted telemarketing calls in its Fiscal Year 2017 – representing an increase of over 34 percent from the previous year. Moreover, a greater number of these calls were likely to be illegal scams involving a wide range of tactics, from bogus alerts about checking account activities to IRS impersonators threatening incarceration and lawsuits. While many popular phone scams will continue in 2018, fraudsters will also try variations of common schemes and new ploys to deceive even the most sophisticated consumers. Avoid getting played by con artists using a combination of live calls, text messages and robocalls by learning some of the methods they are using now.