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Advice Planning

Fraud Prevention

SFPCU’s priority is to safeguard your personal information and educating our first responder members and their families on how to avoid fraud and identity theft.

Fraud Prevention

Credit and Debit Cards 

  • Check your statements. Examine the charges every month and report any suspicious activity
  • Sign-up for E-statements to access your statements through Online Banking  
  • Sign the signature panel on your credit and debit cards as soon as you receive them
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Lock away unused cards (don’t automatically cancel credit card accounts because that can damage your credit score)
  • Traveling with an SFPCU Visa & Debit Card: These tips provide peace of mind while traveling

Email and Online Security

  • Do not open or respond to suspicious email
  • Don’t follow a link in an email; always type the website URL in your browser
  • Install firewalls and anti-spyware programs on your computer

Phone and Mail Precautions

  • Treat all unsolicited calls skeptically and never divulge any personal information
  • Retrieve incoming mail promptly and do not place outgoing mail containing personal information in your mailbox
  • Know your billing and statement cycles to keep bills from lingering in your mailbox

General Protection

  • Guard your Social Security number
  • Make photocopies of vital information
  • Beware of mail or phone solicitations that offer prizes or awards
  • Always shred papers with financial information, including credit card offers, before discarding
  • Check your credit report annually for free at
  • Stay updated on the latest identity theft scams