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Fraud Prevention

SFPCU is committed to educating our members on fraud and identity theft protection. To help you prevent fraud before it occurs, SFPCU has compiled a list of resources, information on identity theft and phising and scams to provide you with helpful tips to keep you up-to-date and your money safe.

To report lost or stolen cards, please visit the Contact Us page for phone numbers.

Here are a few tips to assist in the prevention of fraud.


  • Guard your Social Security number.
  • Make photocopies of vital information.
  • Beware of mail or telephone solicitations that offer prizes or awards.
  • Always shred papers with financial information, including credit card offers before discarding.
  • Check your credit once or twice a year. The Federal Trade Commission offers a free annual credit report at
  • Stay current about the latest identity theft scams.

Credit cards

  • Examine the charges on your bills before paying them
  • Sign new credit cards immediately
  • Cancel unused credit card accounts
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately

E-mail and online security

  • Do not open or respond to e-mail that is suspicious
  • Don't follow a link in an e-mail, always type the Web site URL address yourself
  • Make sure to install firewalls or anti-spyware programs on your computer

Phone and mail precautions

  • Treat all unsolicited phone calls with skepticism and do not disclose any personal information
  • Promptly retrieve incoming mail and do not place outgoing mail in your mailbox
  • Know your billing and statement cycles