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Consumer Credit Counseling

Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS) is a non-profit financial education organization that provides free, confidential information on debt counseling for consumers nationwide. A CCCS representative can assist you with a Debt Management Plan that allows you to consolidate your bills and, in some cases, reduce your payments or interest rate. For more information on how CCCS can help you please call 800.777.PLAN (7526) or 415.788.0288 today.

CCCS also makes available  FREE MONTHLY WORKSHOPS! CCCS workshops cover a range of money management, credit and housing topics. Whatever your financial situation, you'll find a presentation to help you achieve your goals.

Workshops are presented by: Consumer Credit Counseling Service. Remember, the workshops are FREE. Seating is limited. Monthly fee waivers will be distributed to CCCS and CCCal clients. Please call 415.788.0288 and listen to the recording to register.