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How to Open a Minor Account

Our minor accounts require a few additional steps. Please read the following information to ensure you are submitting a complete and accurate application.

  1. Download our Membership Application (pdf 1.5mb), or request a Membership Application by phone at 800.222.1391 or email Member Services and we will mail one to you.
  2. Include an initial deposit of at least $25 with your membership application to open your child's account.
  3. Please sign on both Member signature lines (top and bottom) in the following format:

    Example: John Doe Jr. by John Doe (Father) or John Doe Jr. by Jane Doe (Mother) 

    Accounts for individuals who are under 18 require specific signatures. The Parent/legal guardian must sign on behalf of the minor who's establishing an account.
  4. Complete the Member Information section with your child’s information.
  5. Joint owner must also sign the application at the top, and complete the Joint Member Information section.
  6. A joint owner is required for all under 18 accounts, but does not need to be the parent or legal guardian of the child.

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