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Design Your Card (DYOC) Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Design Your Own Card?
Design Your Own card is a new feature that allows you to customize your Platinum Visa card by uploading a personal image or choosing one from our catalog.

Who may request a personalized card with Design Your Own Card?
Members with an existing SF Police Credit Union Platinum Visa card may submit a request at any time using Design Your Own Card. If you are a new cardholder, had to replace your current Platinum Visa card or had a recent address change or Pin request, the Design Your Own Card option will be available to you after 60 calendar days.

What is the cost to use Design Your Own Card?
The first card per account is complimentary. Thereafter, a charge of $4.99 will be applied each time you order a new Design Your Own Card.

When will my new Design Your Own Card arrive?
Your image will be approved in 1‐2 business days. You should receive your card in the mail within 7‐10 business days from the date you submit your order. Upon receipt of your new card, please destroy your old card.

Can I have a different card image than my secondary or authorized user?
Yes the Primary, Secondary and Authorized Users will have the ability to customize their own card.

How do I design my own card?
1. Sign in to Online Banking
2. Click on your credit card in the Accounts Overview
3. Then, click on the 'Design Your Own Card' banner to get started
4. Follow the step by step directions to Design Your Own Card

You will be asked to complete a brief registration in order to receive your notifications with regards to your card design. You’ll have the opportunity to crop, rotate or flip your uploaded image; or confirm the image you selected from our library. Finally, review and submit your order or save it for later. Please note: you cannot edit images from our library.

What image format does Design Your Own Card require?

Design Your Own Card requires all photos to be in GIF, JPG, TIFF or BMP format. The image size must be at least 2100 pixels wide by 1344 pixels tall. 4MB is the maximum size accepted. Keep in mind the larger and higher resolution of your image; the better your card will appear when printed.

Why would an image be denied or rejected?
An image may be rejected for the following:

  • Copyrighted or trademarked material
  • Socially unacceptable or discriminatory behavior or signs
  • Profanity or other obscene behavior or gestures
  • Controversial subject matter such as religious or political statements or images
  • Phone numbers or URL’s addresses
  • Images that feature athletes, entertainers, celebrities, musicians, or cartoon characters
  • Violent acts or death imagery
  • Advertising or promotional materials or branded products
  • Images we deem provocative, sexual, violent or otherwise offensive
  • Nudity or semi‐nudity
  • Images which show illegal or anti‐social behavior
  • Nothing that contains alcohol, tobacco or firearms
  • Time/date stamp on photo

Will my new Design Your Own Card need to be activated?

Yes, you will need to activate your new Design Your Own Card when you receive it in the mail.

If I create a custom card using Design Your Own Card, will other cardholders on the account receive the same card?

No, when you use Design Your Own Card you are customizing your own card. New cards are sent to all cardholders with an updated expiration date, but their images will not be affected by your custom card request.

Why do all cardholders on the account receive a new card when someone uses Design Your Own Card?

When a cardholder uses Design Your Own Card, a new expiration date is set on the account. New cards are sent to all cardholders to ensure their cards have the correct expiration date.

How often can I update my image using Design Your Own Card?

Once a Design Your Own Card request is approved on your account, other cardholders on the account need to design their cards the same day to ensure they are not blocked for the specified period. Each Account is allowed to use Design Your Own Card 1 time every 60 days.

My Primary Cardholder submitted a Design Your Own Card image, can I as the Authorized user also submit a request or must I wait 60 days?

You must submit a Design Your Own Card image for a custom card within the same day. If a Design Your Own Card has been ordered within 60 days, you will not be able to access Design Your Own Card until after 60 days have passed.

When I order my Design Your Own Card, will my credit card number and PIN number change?

No, your Credit Card number and PIN numbers will remain the same; however your expiration date on the card will change.

If I lose or need a replacement card, will it have the same custom image?

Yes, when your card expires or a replacement card is ordered, the same custom image as your most recent design will be used.

How will I know if my image has been approved or denied for the Design Your Own Card?

You will receive an e‐mail confirmation of the approval or denial of your Design Your Own Card image.

Will I be able to use my current credit card while waiting on my custom Design Your Own Card to be received?

Yes, you will be able to use your existing credit card until your new Design Your Own Card is received and activated.

Why are images with the Time/Date stamp denied or rejected?

The Time/Date stamp can be mistaken for the expiration date creating confusion and possible declines at a Merchant.

What if I am not satisfied with my Design Your Own Card?

If we verify that we made an error, we will reprint the order free of charge. No refunds or credits will be issued.

What if I upload my design but I am not sure I like my design?

You can always save your design, change and order at a later date. Note – Using the save option does not mean you have ordered your card.

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