Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Mobility is the essence of a first responders’ busy life. You know that as well as we do, and that’s why SFPCU’s Mobile Banking offers the convenience and security you expect when you want to manage your finances on the go.

The flexibility and personalized service make Mobile Banking an integral part of your SFPCU membership.

Just search for the app under SFPCU in the iTunes App Store or Android Market (Google Play) to get started now! Once you have downloaded the app all you need to do is "Enable Mobile Access" from within Online Banking and you are ready to begin to manage your finances on the go.

Features & Benefits

  • Works on any mobile device with an internet browser and active data plan
  • Available free to any member with an Online Banking account
  • Check balances, transfer funds and more
  • Our encrypted system keeps your account secure
  • Enjoy flexibility with no strings attached!

Text Alerts

Sign up for alerts through Mobile Banking and receive information immediately about your accounts. We’ll send emails and text messages to your smartphone to keep you updated:

  • Monitor your account balances
  • Receive loan payment reminders
  • Track deposits, withdrawals, purchases and cleared checks

Mobile Banking Security

Mobile Banking provides the same security as your Online Banking account while featuring additional security measures:

  • Once you have allowed access to Mobile Banking from within Online Banking, you will be asked for your Member ID, password and security graphic when you log in to our mobile site.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, you can disable access to that phone immediately within Online Banking.
  • If you sign up for Mobile Banking Notifications, any transfers or paid bills made within Mobile Banking are sent to the email address associated with your account. This aids in monitoring for any suspicious transactions.
  • Bills can be paid only to existing payees set up within Online Banking. New payees must be added within the Online Banking website.
  • Transfers can only be made within your SFPCU accounts and not to accounts at other financial institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Mobile Banking?

If you are an SFPCU member and are registered with Online Banking, you are eligible to sign up for Mobile Banking.

How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?

Simply navigate to the Mobile Banking tab within Online Banking, and you will be able to turn on this service by selecting “Allow Mobile Access.”

You'll then be able to visit the Mobile Banking site through the SFPCU app on your smart phone or by entering from a browser-enabled digital device.

How much does Mobile Banking cost?

SFPCU provides the convenience of Mobile Banking as a free service; however, the ability to view web pages from your phone may carry additional charges from your service provider. Please refer to your phone agreement to determine whether additional charges apply.

How do I get to the Mobile Banking site from my phone?

Mobile Banking can be accessed by using the SFPCU Mobile Banking icon on your phone’s menu screen or in your application folder, or by selecting your phone’s internet browser function and entering the following web address:

How do I log in?

Mobile Banking should work on any mobile device that has access to the internet.

You can log in to Mobile Banking the same way you would at your computer by entering your member number, your password, and the security graphic.

You can also download our smartphone app for free through the iTunes App Store or Android Market (Google Play). Simply visit the iTunes App Store or Android Market store on your smartphone and search for “SFPCU” and download. Once you have downloaded the app all you need to do is "Enable Mobile Access" from within Online Banking and you are ready to begin to manage your finances on the go.

How does Mobile Banking work with iPhones and Androids?

iPhone and Android users can take Mobile Banking to the next level with a customized, SFPCU app downloadable from the iTunes App Store and the Android Market. Once you locate the app, all you need to do is "Enable Mobile Access" within Online Banking and you are ready to use this convenient feature. You'll see an enhanced version of Mobile Banking that allows you to view more transactions at one time.

Do I still have to log in to the app?

Yes, to keep your information secure you’ll need to provide your normal log-in credentials that you would use to access Online Banking from a desktop or laptop computer.

What can I do in Mobile Banking?

SFPCU wants you to have information and power on the go. With a few quick actions, you can view your account balances, search for cleared checks, transfer funds between any of your local accounts, and pay bills.

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

From a computer you can log in to your Online Banking account, and from the Mobile Banking page you can “Disallow Mobile Access,” which will turn off access to the service. As an additional security measure, your member number and password will still need to be entered for anyone to access your account information.

What are Mobile Transaction Notifications?

From the Online Banking site you have the ability to turn on Mobile Transaction Notifications that send you a message through the Communications Center to let you know that a Transfer or Bill Pay request has been made via Mobile Banking.

Watch Our Mobile Banking Tutorial

(Click to watch our interactive Mobile Banking Tutorial)

Mobile Banking Tutorial

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If you have questions about Mobile Banking or the SFPCU Mobile App, please contact Member Services at 800.222.1391 and we will be happy to assist you.

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