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Our Bryant Street branch has suffered significant weather-related damage and will be closed until further notice. Online Banking, MemberLink, and our other branch locations are available. To locate a CO-OP no-charge ATM near you, click here. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Updates to Online Banking

Learn about our new features

We've updated our Online Banking platform!
Please review the materials below for a preview of the enhanced platform and some how-to guides on using our new Online Banking features.

Online Banking Updated Home Screen


New features

Drag and drop to organize your accounts

Our most recent version of Online Banking allows you to customize the way your accounts are displayed. Each of your accounts is displayed as a tile that can be dragged and dropped into groups, so you can organize your account information in the way that’s most convenient for you.

To reorganize your account tiles, make sure you are dragging your tiles from right to left on a desktop, and bottom-up on a mobile device.


Moving tiles in Online Banking:

  • Click on a tile and hold the mouse button.
  • Drag the tile from right to left (desktop) or bottom-up (mobile).
  • When the tile is in the desired location and release the mouse button to drop it.

Moving tiles in our Mobile Banking app:

  • Tap and hold a tile by keeping your finger on the screen.
  • Drag the tile from right to left (desktop) or bottom-up (mobile).
  • When the tile is in the desired location, lift your finger to drop it.

Creating a new group:

  • Click on a tile and hold the mouse button.
  • Start dragging the tile down.
  • An icon with a plus sign will appear in the lower right:

    new group icon

  • Drag your tile on top of the icon. When the icon turns gray, let go of the mouse.
  • You have now created a new group.

Renaming a new group:

  • Click the pencil icon next to the name of the group.
  • Type your desired group name into the text box.
  • Click or tap the blue check mark icon to save your changes.

    rename account


Quick Transfers available on home screen

By clicking on the two vertical bars on the right of an account tile, a hidden menu will appear allowing you to quickly perform transfers without having to leave the home screen.

Make a Quick Transfer:

  • Locate the account tile you would like to use, and click on the vertical gray bars on the right of the tile:

  • Click or tap "Quick Transfer":
    quick transfer

  • Follow the on-screen prompts and click or tap "Transfer Funds" to complete your transfer without leaving the homepage.

    quick transfer

Bill Pay improvements

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The latest Online Banking update will allow you to pay multiple bills on one screen, and delete payees without having to navigate to the Bill Pay Site. 

Make multiple payments at once



Other changes to Online Banking

Pending transactions available under Account Details

With this latest upgrade, the words “pending transactions” will no longer display on the home screen. You can still easily check for pending debit card transactions by clicking on your Checking or Savings accounts and viewing the Account Details page, where pending transactions are marked in red.

pending transactions

"Visa Services" link has been renamed "Visa Card Management"

To access Visa Card Management:
  • Click or tap on your Visa account tile to access your Account Details page.
  • In the gray box, click on Visa Card Management (the last link in the right column):

    Visa Card Management