Person to Person Payment

Person-2-Person Payment

SFPCU makes it easier for you to send payments to anyone, including businesses and people who aren’t SFPCU members. With our Person-2-Person Payment system, you can pay your rent, your friends or your family members quickly using this Online Banking feature. All you need is an email address or mobile number for your recipient and you can send money instantly from your SFPCU account.


P2P is a secure payment method powered by PayPal that you access through Online Banking. We don’t charge you a fee for using this service, but keep in mind that PayPal may charge a fee for international transactions.

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How I Access Person 2 Person Payment?

  1. Access your account through Online Banking; click on Transfers tab. Then, click on Add People tab to register your recipient.
  2. Click on the link Transfer Money to Non–SFPCU Members.
  3. Click I Agree button to the End User Agreement.
  4. Enter the recipient’s name or business and press Enter. Then enter an email or mobile number. Select if it’s a person or business and click Next.
  5. Review the information and click Confirm.
  6. Click on Make a Transfer tab.
  7. Select the dropdown menu from which account you would like to withdraw. Select the second dropdown menu for the recipient. Click Next.
  8. Select if you want to send money Now, at a Later Date or as a Recurring Transfer.
  9. Select the dropdown menu to choose your recipient’s home country and click the Submit Transfer button.
  10. Review your payment and click the Submit Transfer button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I click the Submit Transfer button?

Once you press the Submit Transfer button, the money will be deducted from your account and an email or text message will be sent to your recipient instantly. They'll use the information from the email or text message to log on to a secure page, confirm that their email or text message is legitimate, and the transfer will be completed.

Is there a fee to use P2P?

SFPCU does not charge a fee to use P2P. International payments may be subject to PayPal fees per their User Agreement. [‘User Agreement’ links to

Is there a limit to how much I can send?

For security purposes, there are limits on the amounts you can send they are as follows:

  • Minimum Payment – $5
  • Daily Limit – $9,999
  • 30 Day Limit – $50,000

Please Note: PayPal may have limitations on what can be withdrawn monthly.

Can I set up a future P2P Payment?

Yes, you can schedule a future P2P Payment, up to 364 days prior to the delivery date. An email will be sent to you 2 days before the payment is scheduled, reminding you when the payment will be debited and an email notification will be sent to the recipient.

How will my recipient be notified that I have sent them money?

PayPal will send the recipient a notice via email or by mobile phone text message that the money has been transferred and is available. If your recipient does not have a PayPal account, they will be directed to PayPal’s site to create a new account.

How do I know if there was a problem with my P2P payment?

After 30 days, a failure notification will be sent in two ways:

  • The contact email associated with your Online Banking login
  • The Communication Center within Online Banking

You can also see the status under the Transfers tab that can be accessed via Recent Transfers link where a listing of all your transfers will display; however, scheduled payments that were not processed due to insufficient funds will not be displayed.

Why would there be a problem with my P2P payment?

The following will likely cause a delay or problem with your P2P payment:

  • Incorrect email address or mobile number for your recipient
  • Insufficient funds available in the account you are using to make the payment

What if my recipient already has a PayPal account associated with a different email or mobile number than I entered in P2P?

Your recipient will receive an alert of an alternate email or mobile number and they will have the opportunity to add that email or mobile number to their existing PayPal account, if they wish.

What happens if I have the wrong email address or mobile number entered for my recipient?

It is very important that you use the correct and most updated contact information for your recipient. If you have entered incorrect contact information, your money could be retrieved by another person. If you are unsure about the recipient’s information, we highly recommend contacting your recipient via email or mobile number to confirm their information is correct before a transfer is attempted. If you sent your recipient a transfer using an email and it is uncollected, you can reverse the transfer by performing a reversal of the funds, you can do this by going to the Transfers tab, clicking on the Recent Transfers and selecting the red ‘x’ that will appear next to your transaction. If the recipient chooses to ignore the message, you will be able to reverse the transaction as noted above. If the recipient does not create a PayPal account within 30 days, the money you’ve sent will automatically be redeposited into your SFPCU account.

What PayPal account do funds go to if the recipient’s mobile number or email is registered with multiple PayPal accounts?

PayPal will use the most recently added or verified account.

What happens if I use a landline for a recipient instead of a mobile number?

PayPal sends a confirmation code via text message that must be entered on their site for verification. This confirmation code won’t be received on a landline. If you accidentally do this, you need to perform a reversal of the funds. You can do this by going to the Transfers tab, clicking on the Recent Transfers and selecting the red ‘x’ that will appear next to your transaction. If the funds are not reversed, they will automatically be redeposited in 30 days.

What do the colored boxes next to my recent P2P transfers mean?

  • Green: Your transfer has successfully completed
  • Blue: Transfer is reversed
  • Grey: Transfer is still in process
  • Red: Failed Transfer
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