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Traveling with an SFPCU Visa & Debit Card

Falcon Fraud

Whether your taking a trip across the atlantic for business or quality time relaxing with the family. You can feel secure that your Visa Credit Card & Debit Mastercard are protected with Falcon Fraud Manager. This system helps block transactions from a specific region or country due to fraudulent activities.

Travel Notification Form

To ensure a hassle-free trip with uninterrupted service while traveling, notify SFPCU with our easy-to-use Travel Notification form within Online Banking.

 To get started, simply log on to your Online Banking.

  1. Enter your travel dates
  2. Which card(s) you will be using
  3. Where your destination is
  4. Contact information
  5. Click submit

It take just a moment and you have the piece of mind knowing SFPCU is watching out for your financial well-being.

Important Phone Numbers

If your card(s) become
lost or Stolen
Visa: 800.449.7728 or Overseas: 00.1.410.581.9994
After Hours: 800.449.7728

Debit MasterCard: 415.564.3800 or Overseas: 00.1.909.941.1398
After Hours: 888.241.2510
Falcon Fraud
Service Center

Visa: 888.918.7313 or Overseas: 00.1.410.581.9994
Debit MasterCard: 888.241.2440 or Overseas 00.1.909.941.1034